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Welcome to This Ginger Life!

7 May

My life has been one seriously wild ride. The last 27 years have been nothing but one ridiculous adventure after the next. I’ve loved, I’ve lost and you better believe I got loaded through most of it. To top it off, I’ve navigated it all all as a ginger, which in my opinion should get me some sort of trophy.Since I’m not a wealthy silver fox,with a trophy wife on my arm, I’ll have to settle for this blog being the victory medal that I can’t show off on my mantle.

I narrowly escaped from a longgg term relationship almost a year ago. While he chose to move on, I chose to start living again, and it’s been one of the most insane years of my life. I figure it’s time to start documenting it. The dating scene is definitely not what it was when I was bartending my way through college, and I’m pretty sure guys are bigger douchelords than ever, so I can promise you there will be no shortage of material.

You can count on me for weekly tales of dating dilemmas, wild weekends, manhunts gone wrong, random musings and so much more. At the very least, I’ll at least make you laugh.

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